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Sales Activities Management Software

In every business, the sales team has some goals to achieve but sometimes they fail to understand which activities can bring the result. A proper sale activity management can help the users to know which activities are achieving the goal by cracking deals and driving more revenue. But there is also a bottleneck. How do people know that they are tracking the right activities? Reliable sales activity management software streamlines common activities. It helps the sales team to reach their desired goal by cutting down unnecessary tasks and increasing teamwork.


Here, at Firstlink, we believe that it’s our job to satisfy you by providing the best software for sales activity management Malaysia.


What is Sales activity Management?


Who doesn’t like more revenue in businesses? But tracking sales activities come before increasing revenue. Without tracking and managing sales activities, all your hard work will be more like casting pearls before swine.


Basically, sales activity management is a process that identifies which activities are right for your team, tracks the performance of the team, and allows them to complete those activities more efficiently. Through sales activity management the user can get a more structured sales process that helps the team to crack more deals than usual. So tracking activities lead to more sales.


The followings are some sales activities that can be tracked and managed:


  • Making calls
  • Sending SMS
  • Sending mails
  • Asking referral
  • Social selling actions
  • Making connections
  • Booking meetings
  • Scheduling and completing demos
  • Creating opportunities
  • CRM usage
  • Plan upgrades offered
  • Activating free trials
  • Upgrading free trials
  • Plan renewals won


What is Sales Activity Management Software?


The sales activity management system is a platform for the sales teams that helps them to reach their goals. Sales managers or team members can use this software to assign new and creative ideas, reduce admin tasks, track data, and other sales-related activities. Also, this software helps to streamline the entire sales and marketing team by storing customer information on the platform.


Why Should an Organization Use Sales Activity Management Software?


You can say that, what is the reason to implement sales activity management software when it is possible to earn profit without it? True, but who doesn’t like it when single software can earn more profit and save time than usual.


The followings are some benefits of utilizing sales activity management software:


The very first thing sales activity management software does is to spot those activities which are able to keep the most impact on revenue and conversions. It compares sales activities in different areas with conversion rates and finds out the best activity to crack deals, also the one, which loses deals. After knowing which activity is best to crack deals and which isn’t this software helps the user to optimize and adapt the best process to focus which brings prominent results and also improves the processes based on real data.


Sometimes it is all right to set up some healthy and friendly competition among the member of the sales team. With activity management, the owner can set up a healthy competition with activity-based goals that make the bond strong between the employees and allows everyone, from the low-performer to top-performer compete fairly.


Reliable and sophisticated sales activity management software provides a clear of the sales team’s weaknesses and strengths. After identifying the fundamental activities with the help of sales activity management software, the organization must perform them correctly without any error. It helps the manager and team members to perform better in specific areas.


A reliable sales activity management system is able to provide clearer expectations to employees. According to research employees performs better and take more initiative to reach their goal once they get to know what’s expected from them. When they understand what their boss is expecting from them in the stages of the sales process, they want to give their best from start to finish.


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