An Unified Operating System for Your Business

An operating system for business is not just a concept. It’s a solution, and also a way of thinking about how to do business effectively. It’s about moving from using disparate applications and complicated subscriptions to an evolved and unified way to work, with systems that talk to each other and no department—be it marketing, sales, finance, or operations—functioning in a silo.

What is the concept for Unified Operating System?

Unified Navigation

In a business environment where different teams use different sets of software, a good operating system should be able to switch and access between apps seamlessly. Instead of scrambling through multiple open tabs, you can manage your business in one interface and accessible to information and apps efficiently.

Unified Experience

You can experience the unified user interface with total accessibility, consistency, intuitiveness, and speed. The unified user interface will ensure consistency and continuity of experience when you move from app to app or device to device. Unified structure will save employees time and simplify the process of compiling and processing information.

Customizable Dashboard

The more your business grows, the more you need to know. You always can build interactive dashboards based on their requirement.  With over 50+ smart widgets, the dashboards allow you to tell persuasive stories with the powerful and customizable charts provided, give you a complete picture of the essential sales figures, identify the bottlenecks in your sales process and share all of the above with anybody you want. You can drag and drop your favorite widgets to create the best view for dashboard.

Unified Calendar

A unified calendar is an integral part of a unified business. You can track and plan your workweek and manage appointments on the go. Drag and drop the activities if appointment rescheduled. Expand a newly added invitation to see where it falls in your day. Quickly search for appointments and even reserve resources like meeting rooms . With options to view personal and team calendars separately, managing your priorities is easier than ever.

Extendable Platform

As users and their needs become more complex, demand for more complex features increases as well. To meet these needs, a simple operating system should naturally evolve into an ecosystem allowing third-party integrations to enhance functionality. We offers over 1,000 internal and external app integrations, which are used by more than 30,000 businesses to streamline processes, create workflows, and nurture collaboration.

Whether you are a new business or an established player moving towards digital transformation, our unified operating system can empower innovation and sustainable growth by unifying every aspect of your business. With the right apps for you and your teams, improved services across the apps, and extensible platforms with the right integrations to connect them, we could effectively solve all your business needs. We hope to help customers move away from disjointed apps and information silos and enter into this new era of unified experience.
Let us get your teams to work as one with the all-new unified operating system for business.

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