About MDEC Grant

What is the full form of MDEC grant?


MDEC is a Maryland Electronic Courts. MDEC’s goal is to create a judiciary wide integrated cage management system that will enable court at all levels to collect, store, process, and access records electronically.


What is MDEC grant?


Mdec grant or GTG is a nurture global champions, driving investments and catalyzing digital innovation ecosystem. The grant will be used for the purpose of the technology innovation, development and commercialization of innovative commercial driven products or service.


How to claim the MDEC grant?


To claim and mdec grant we need to follow some of the steps:

1) Register the via MDEC websites.
2) Submit applications by the closing deadline via emails. (Protected emails).
3) Completeness checking.
4) Compliance checking.
5) Pitching session.
6) Approval process.


MDEC grant takes normally 3 to 5 days to get approval. The turnover time for the processing depends greatly on the respective Malaysian embassy consulate general high commission.


What is MDEC gain program?


The MDEC gain program is a program that fuels high potential Malaysian headquarters tech companies to skyrockets on the global stage. The GAIN program provides year round growth interventions, grounded on 4 unique pillars: the gateway, the amplifier, the invest, and the nurture.


What are the eligibility criteria to apply for the MDEC grant?


The eligibility criteria for the mdec grant is;-

1. Incorporated in Malaysia under the company’s act 1965 or the company’s act of 2016.
2. Has an issued and paid up capital of at least RM 50,000.
3. Has to be minimum of 51% of equity shared held by the Malaysian’s.
4. Not to be the subject of the liquidation/winding up the order.
5. Has no ongoing concern issue and or not dormant.
6. Has entered in to written contract or a committed arrangements with the technology partner for the development and implementation of the project.
7. If previously has received any MDEC government grant, the applicant must demonstrate the completion and success of the funded projects.


What is the main function of the MDEC grant?


The main question is that WHAT THEY DO? They are focused on the acceleration of the digital economy growth, ensuring it is inclusive and rewarding for all, focused on the key drivers; empowering Malaysian with the digital skills, enabling digital-powered business and driving digital sector investments.


Businesses of all sizes can reach out to and engage with various support initiatives that MDEC currently manages. This includes the different grants that are currently made available for different industry verticals.
These market assistance are actively providing the support businesses need to remain sustainable or expand their operations.
Firstlink CRM is listed under MDEC’s Digital Solution Provider.


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